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Why Perform a Federal Criminal Database Search?

Why Perform a Federal Criminal Database Search?


30 years ago, Maggie* took her passion for baking to the next level and opened a bakery. Business quickly boomed and Maggie hired her long-time friend Candace to keep track of her books. It was a huge relief to have the dependable help.


Decades later, her ...

Creating A Background Check Policy

The Road to Success: Creating A Background Check Policy


When hitting the open road for a long-awaited vacation, your excitement may tempt you to hop in the car and start driving from Point A to Point B. But have you considered what you would do in the event of an unexpected road closure? A lengthy traffic jam? A snow-sto...

Create the Background Screening RFP You Really Need

Create the Background Screening RFP you Really Need

It's finally Fall, or as I like to call it 'RFP Season'. With nearly 20 years of experience in human resources and background screening I’ve been around for a few RFP seasons, and I've seen requests that nailed it- and many more that fall woefully short of getting the job done.

RFPs a...

Social Media Screening - It's here to stay

Social Media Screening - it's here to stay

Recently, we started a conversation about social media and whether it should be a tool used for screening applicants. The comments were excellent and well thought out, and we appreciate hearing from you.

Our research shows that social media screening is here to stay. Companies are being held ac...

What do You Think about Social Media Screening for Your Candidates?

What do You Think about Social Media Screening for Your Candidates?

It’s become increasingly common for bad behavior to be caught on camera, with instant and wide-reaching reactions in the court of public opinion. And whether a person is on the job or not, employers are often pulled into the fray. It’s not uncommon to see busin...

Zoom Meeting Protocol and Professionalism

Zoom Meeting Protocol and Professionalism

With social distancing and remote work continuing to be the new norm, Zoom and other online meeting apps are becoming standard ways to do business. That includes job interviews. While it can be a little more challenging to make a good impression, for both interviewer and interviewee, from a compute...

Navigating Compliance Webinar Recording

Recorded April 23, 2020 While Courts across the country are closed, hiring continues, leaving open many questions about compliance for HR Professionals. Risk Assessment Group, in partnership with Snell & Wilmer law offices created this informative session on compliance in today's environment.


Do Volunteers Need Background Checks

Do volunteers Require Background Checks?


Background Checks for Volunteers

Background screening is increasing in use- not just in the private sector, but also in the public and nonprofit world. There is simply too much at stake for a company not to take precautions with po...

Steps to a Background Check


What Are the Parts to a Background Check?


Why Perform Background Checks?

Background checks on prospective employees serve many purposes. First and foremost, they verify the skills and experience necessary to perform the tasks detailed within the job description. But they also ser...

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