Failed Background Check Part 2 – Discrimination and Actionable Steps

Part 1 of our “Failed Background Check” series can be found Here.

Background information you receive from any source that may cause you to dismiss an applicant cann...

Failed Background Check Part 1 – What Happens When a Candidate Fails a Screening

When a background check returns with a problematic history about an applicant, it’s best to take a step back and fully assess the situation professionally, free of emotion and hasty decisions. As most business and HR professionals know, hiring is a complex process. It can be highly fulfilling to find the right fit, and disappointing to find red flags popping up on yo...

Background Screening Trends: Adverse Action

Human resource professionals must constantly be on the lookout for red flags throughout the hiring process. We’ve touched on many of those in past blogs in some detail. Here are a few more things to think about and share with your company:

The Adverse Action Rule:

When speaking to applicants regarding a failed background check, always mention the federally ...

Background Screening Components: Education Check

One of the critical components of a proper background check for a job applicant is educational experience. There are obvious reasons for doing so – i.e. whether the prior instruction and training meet the skills needed for the job. However, there are other things to consider. Is the applicant being truthful, are the ...

What to Look for in a Background Screening Company

What to Look for in a Background Screening Company

Anyone involved in the hiring process of new employees knows that the process can be grueling, frustrating and fraught with pitfalls. Yet, it can also be extremely rewarding when you find the right hire. One who is a good fit and brings an enormous upside down the road.

Utilizing a background screening company can relieve some of the risk by identifying common red flags through employment and education verification, as w...

2019 Background Screening Trends

2019 Background Screening Trends

While most Americans still prefer the security of full-time employment, trends suggest a sort of paradigm shift toward part-time, contingent work. Some predict that in the next decade, this could become the new normal of the U.S. workforce.

Trend #1: A Contingent Workforce

Looking at 2019 and beyond, trends employers need to keep an eye on include the contingent workforce (those who do not expect their jobs to last or who rep...

3 Reason to Run Background Checks

3 Reasons to Run Background Checks

You found a great applicant. They had a wonderful interview and provided an even better resume. If you could hire them then and there, you would. When you come across applicants like this you might think that running a background check might be pointless, so what is the reason of conducting them?

This is a good question that human resource managers, recruiters, and business owners will ask at some point in their careers. Below we’ve l...

Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Negligent Hiring Law Suits 

  As a business owner, wanting what’s best for your company comes second nature, so ensuring a candidate works well with your company plays a key role in building the right culture and representation for your company. However, making a bad hire can cause discontented clients, unmotivated employees, and can impair customer relationships. These few bad employees can make the work you do more difficult, and in some cases, can lead to hefty lawsuits against...

Social Media in Background Screening

Social Media: Should Employers Use it for Screening Applicants?

It isn’t a secret that social media has taken a jump in recent years. With the development of the Smart Phone, social media mobile apps are readily available to share photos, videos, stories, and current events anywhere and anytime. From Instagram to Twitter and every social media site in-between, these apps are showcasing the best, and sometimes worst, parts of people’s lives. Research from Pew Research Center shows...

The 12 Most Common Terms Used in Background Screening

The 12 Most Common Terms Used in Background Screening

No matter what the industry, terminology can get pretty confusing, and the pre-employment background screening industry is no different. If you are an applicant getting a background check ran on yourself, or if you’re the employer wanting to conduct background checks on your applicants, it is important to understand the terms that are used. Below is a list of common jargon that is used within background screening companies to help...

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